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Call Answering Services for Construction, Remodeling, and Maintenance Contractors

Don't Let Missed Calls Cost You Business: We'll Answer Your Calls and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Never Miss a Job Opportunity Again: We help answer your customer inquires and calls.

Stop Losing Business: How Much Are Unanswered Calls Costing You?

Discover the Benefits of Professional Call Answering Services for Your Business

Call Answering Services

AI Responders

 Our Artificial Intelligencfe agents are equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

Live Chat Agents

Our live Chat Agents offer real-time 24/7 support and assistance to potential clients. 

Answering Service

Our Billingual Call Answering Services ensure that no call goes unanswered during working hours

Web Portal

View messages, update on-call schedules, listening to calls, and generate reports.


Communicate with your customers via Secured Text Messaging for a personalized experience


We Book appointments pre-qualified customers, send reminders, follow up, and reschedule.

One of the most common challenges faced by busy contractors and solopreneurs is missed opportunities due to slow response times to customer inquiries. Did you know that many potential clients will eliminate your company as an option if you don’t return their call promptly? Research shows that approximately 30% of all incoming calls go unanswered in these businesses.

Are you aware of the potential revenue loss? Let’s break down the financial impact of poor customer communication for contractors and solopreneurs.

Average Cost Calls/MO 30% Missed /MO MO Revenue Lost * YR Revenue Lost *
$500.00 100 30 $3,000.00 $36,000.00
$1,000.00 100 30 $6,000.00 $72,000.00
$5,000.00 100 30 $30,000.00 $360,000.00

* At 20% Closing Rate

Reliable Call Answering Services for Busy Contractors.

Stay Connected with Your Clients and Boost Your Business Success with Our Tailored Solutions

Missing business calls can be disastrous, not just because they can cost you money, but also because they can harm your business in various ways. When potential customers are unable to reach you, they may perceive your company as unprofessional or unreliable, which can be especially damaging in today’s digital age where negative comments can spread quickly through social media and online reviews.

Missed business calls can also cause delays in project timelines, as critical communication with team members, suppliers, or partners may be overlooked. These delays can significantly impact your profitability and your ability to deliver high-quality services on time.

Addressing missed business calls is crucial to maintain a positive business image, ensure customer satisfaction, and avoid potential job opportunities losses that can harm your company’s growth.

Don't let missed business calls harm your bottom line.

Stop missing business calls - we can help!

Tailored Customer Services Solutions for Busy Contractors and Solopreneurs

Contratista Direct offers a range of professional services designed to assist contractors and solopreneurs in providing prompt responses to client’s inquiries. Our primary objective is to help contractors improve lead conversion and customer retention rates by reducing response time and enhancing follow-up. We offer three main solutions to tackle this issue: 

AI Responders: Our Artificial Intelligencfe agents are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables them to provide instant responses to customer inquiries. Our AI Agents can work for you 24/7 to ensure all your customers’ get a respond even after business hours.

Live Chat Agents: Our live Chat Agents offer real-time support and assistance to potential clients. This 24/7 Service will help you set up appointments and answer questions about your service. Thet will work for you non-stop!

Bilingual Answering Call Services: Our Billingual Call Answering Services ensure that no call goes unanswered, regardless of the contractor’s schedule. Our Agents will effectively handle inquiries from a diverse range of clients. 

At Contratista Direct, we acknowledge that every contractor has distinct needs, which is why we offer customized services that cater to their specific requirements. With our support, contractors can manage their workload efficiently and concentrate on their strengths while we take care of their customer support needs.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service: AI Responders

Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Our Expert AI Solutions

Our advanced AI Responders are designed to provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries 24/7, including booking capabilities and task assignments for follow-ups. With state-of-the-art natural language processing capabilities, our AI Responders understand and answer a wide range of questions, ensuring that your customers receive the information they need promptly and efficiently.

By implementing AI Responders, you can substantially increase customer communication. This seamless incorporation of advanced technology not only elevates customer satisfaction but also streamlines your business operations, leading to overall growth.

Your AI Responder will:

Enhance Customer Service with our live chat Support

Reduce Missed Opportunities with 24/7 Live Chat Support

Our 24/7 Live Chat Agent Support service ensures that your customers always receive prompt, personalized replies, even outside regular business hours. By providing round-the-clock support, we address your customers’ concerns and enhance their satisfaction, leading to better lead conversion rates.

Our live chat services can be integrated with your Facebook, Instagram, or Google Business Profile, making it even easier for your customers to reach you. 

Our service goes beyond basic responses to your customers. We offer appointment booking, team task assignment for follow-up, reminders to avoid missing opportunities, and detailed information about your services. Our live chat agents are skilled at handling complex inquiries and providing personalized responses. This higher level of service ensures comprehensive assistance for your customers, improving their experience and fostering loyalty to your business.

Your Live Chat Agent Will:

Customized Call Answering Services for Busy Contractors

Harness the power of our Call Answering Services to reduce missed calls.

During regular working hours, our professional agents provide a range of services that help improve customer satisfaction and streamline your business operations. From returning missed calls and prequalifying leads to ensuring timely follow-ups and providing accurate, industry-specific information to your customers, our Call Ansering Agent support is tailored to your business needs.

By incorporating our service, you can minimize missed call issues and establish strong relationships with your clients, ultimately contributing to increased growth and success in your specialized industry. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your business and enhance the customer experience, while also improving your overall efficiency and productivity.

Your Call Ansering Agent will:

Book more qualified leads

do you need help qualifying your leads? We help you with the process

At Contratista Direct, we offer expert lead conversion services that can help drive growth for your business. Our four-step approach to lead conversion includes gathering customer information, prequalification, appointment setting, and follow-up. By outsourcing these services to our team of experts, you can focus on your core competencies while leaving the rest to us. 

We offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring that your leads are in good hands and that you can rest assured that you’re on the path to success. 

Gather Information

We gather valuable information from potential customers so you can better understand their needs and preferences and offer relevant services.

Prequalify Leads

We assist in pre-qualifying your leads to ensure that your time and resources are spent on the most promising opportunities.

Boook Appointments

Our virtual assistants will help you book appointments with customers who are ready to hire your services.


EMAILBy utilizing our follow-up service, you can streamline and automate the process of contacting and nurturing potential customers.

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