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Transform Your Contractor Business with Our Tailored Back-Office Support Solutions

We help Busy Contractors stay organized,stay on top of their paperwork, and meet their deadlines for proposals, invoices, and more. With our tailored solutions, you can optimize your operations and ensure that everything is managed efficiently.


Reduce Stress


Be Ready



tailored Back office support for contractors

We help busy contractors with administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks are an essential part of running a succesful business. However, for busy contractors, solopreneurs, and small teams in the construction, remodeling, and maintenance industries, this can be a significant burden that takes time away from revenue-generating activities. At Contratista Direct, we understand the importance of efficient administrative processes and offer comprehensive support services to help contractors manage these critical tasks.

With our support, contractors can focus on their core competencies and growing their business, without worrying about the administrative tasks that can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

At Contratista Direct, we are committed to helping contractors simplify their business operations and increase productivity.  Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help streamline your business operations and improve your bottom line.

Are you Struggling to Prepare and Manage your Documents?

Document management services

Submitting important documents on time can be a source of frustration and stress for contractors. With Contratista Direct’s Back-Office Services, you can leave these worries behind and concentrate on growing your business. Our team will manage the entire process of proposal submission, ensuring everything is delivered promptly and without any issues. We will prepare and send your proposal to your clients, provide follow up, and send reminders to help you keep track of your projects. 

Our reliable and efficient service will help you save time and avoid any unnecessary delays, allowing you to focus on what matters the most – your business.

Let Contratista Direct take care of your back-office needs so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your operations and increase your productivity.

What Services do we Provide?

* We do not provide Bid Services

Are you Sending your Proposals and Invoices on Time?

Simplify your Document Management and Creation

Managing invoices, contracts, and proposals can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task for contractors. At Contratista Direct, we offer comprehensive administrative support services to help contractors organize their business operations and reduce the burden of administrative tasks. We provide a centralized system for sending and managing invoices, contracts, and proposals, making it easy to track and manage these critical documents. 

By outsourcing these administrative tasks to Contratista Direct, contractors can free up time and focus on their core competencies, without stressing about administrative tasks. Contact us today to learn how our administrative support services can help your business thrive.

Our services help you:

Be ready for your next big prokect and stay ahead of the game

Get all your documents ready

As a contractor, having all of your business paperwork in order is essential for taking advantage of new work opportunities. At Contratista Direct, we offer business information services that can help you stay organized and ready for any bidding or work opportunity that comes your way. Our services help contractors gather and organize important information such as project specifications, insurance and bonding information, and references from past clients. By having all of this information readily available, contractors can present a professional image to potential clients and increase their chances of being considered for new work opportunities. 

What services we provide?

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